Paraty Tech integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy is now integrated with Paraty Tech, which means that hotels using Paraty Tech as their reservation system now have access to an all-in-one communication platform that helps drive more direct bookings through real-time quotations and photos of the hotels, increase guest satisfaction through instantly and accurate replies, decrease contacts response time and improve the hotels’ overall service.

Paraty Tech is a leading technology provider with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism and technology sectors, with more than 1000 clients, headquartered in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Announcing Paraty Tech and HiJiffy integration partnership

With HiJiffy’s direct integration with Paraty Tech, users will have access to all available rooms for their selected dates and guests directly within the chat. They are then able to choose a room, make real-time quotes, show availability, price and photos of the room and, in the end, be redirected to complete the reservation. Since HiJiffy’s chatbot has more than 120 different FAQs ready to reply, it can help guests with their questions immediately and thus influence them in the process of deciding which hotel and which room to choose, preventing unhappy customers and unnecessary calls or emails to the hotel’s reception team.

Main advantages of the integration with the Paraty Tech booking engine:

  • Know exactly how much a room will cost for a specific date, for a certain number of people and how the price differentiate depending on the ages of the guests (if adults and children have different prices);
  • Show to the guest not only an option but all the available rooms with the characteristics that the guests are looking for and/or rates to help boost upselling of superior products.
  • Allows the utilization of promo codes from loyal customers;
  • After presenting the price, provide customers with a link to click to make the booking easier. The payment of the reservation is made in the Paraty Tech booking engine, to ensure security to the guest.
Example of the HiJiffy web widget when integrated with Paraty Tech