Mirai integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy is now integrated with Mirai, which means that hotels using Mirai as their booking engine now have access to an all-in-one communication platform that helps drive more direct bookings, increase guest satisfaction, decrease contacts response time and improve the hotels’ overall service.

Mirai is a leading booking engine with more than 20 years of experience, headquartered in Madrid (Spain) but servicing worldwide with offices in Portugal, France and the US.

While availability can be found directly in the hotel’s website, many website visitors still prefer to use chat to confirm availability. With HiJiffy’s direct integration with Mirai, users will have access to all available rooms for their selected dates and guests directly within the chat. They are then able to choose a room and be redirected to the booking engine to complete the process.

Announcing Mirai and HiJiffy integration partnership

The solution offered by HiJiffy

At HiJiffy the main product is a chat widget installed on the hotel’s website that replies automatically to more than 60% of the queries and helps guests in the booking process. The way it works for guests is natural as they can contact through any channel, receive an instant response and book a hotel.

The solution has two main functionalities, a chatbot installed in the hotel’s website (and in all the desired messaging apps) and a console used to centralize and measure all communication channels, where is possible to reply guests, customize the solution and access reporting.

Two of the most common channels where HiJiffy’s chatbot is installed

HiJiffy’s Chatbot — How it works

The chatbot is designed with a decision tree that guides visitors through the most common questions and concerns. Our artificial intelligence-powered chatbot understands thousands of different questions across 70+ hospitality-related topics and learns from agents’ answers to guests, so that the next time someone asks the same question, the chatbot will instantly reply to guests. When the chatbot does not have an answer to give with a high level of accuracy, it simply transfers the conversation to an agent from the hotel, which ensures a good customer care experience.

Edit FAQs to more than 70 different topics and provide a real-time response to your guests

HiJiffy features a chatbot designed for hotels, one-click integration with messaging apps and most importantly, direct integration with Mirai, that helps guests through the booking process. As the chatbot follows the visitors’ booking journey, it is equipped with an automatic notification system via chat in which 1h after the interaction asks if the user still needs help with the booking and 24h later collects the satisfaction score of the conversation.

HiJiffy’s console — Your new customer care home

At HiJiffy we created a unified inbox platform that can be used by multiple teams and agents to aggregate all the main channels used to contact hotels: your website’s chat widget, your email addresses, messaging apps and OTAs messages (such as messages from Booking.com guests). More will be added in the future, such as your phone calls and reviews from your guests.

The inbox is the central part of HiJiffy’s console

Why is HiJiffy different from the competition?

1. Instant setup with a solution installed in hours

With predefined chatbot templates for hotels and one-click integration with Mirai, HiJiffy customer success team does all the initial setup for the hotel, filling the Frequently Asked Questions and taking care of the integration with Mirai. After that, a simple and intuitive interface allows the hotels to edit and add answers to the FAQs.

2. Chatbot installed in all the relevant channels

The chatbot will firstly be installed in a widget on the hotel’s website, but HiJiffy offers many more channels to install the chatbot and centralize in the console: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and WeChat AI. The platform is not limited to messaging apps, and it’s also possible to centralize in the same platform the hotel’s different email addresses and guest messages from Booking.com

3. Console — a robust platform to handle guest queries

If human intervention is needed, the chatbot transfers the conversation to the right agent and a ticket opens in the console. HiJiffy’s console is one of the most versatile, robust and intuitive platforms on the market. You can assign the right agent, translate messages directly in the console, send canned responses, add tags, notes, check the URL where the user is chatting from and all the activity history. All this equipped with search tools, filters, and notifications, which will ensure that no guest remains unanswered.

4. A solution for independent hotels and hotel chains

In the console, it’s possible to create different widgets for different websites, add or remove channels, create new users and define rules for accessing different conversations. For hotel chains, this means that it’s possible to configure FAQs for all the hotels within the same widget, and the chatbot will automatically pick the hotel and transfer the conversation to the agents of that specific hotel, if necessary.

5. Powerful reports and insights

With powerful reports delivered right in the console, HiJiffy helps hotels be more efficient in customer care and improve their services. By centralizing and automating all customer care efforts, our solution gathers powerful data, from the most common complains to guests profiling, but also response times and overall satisfaction of the guests.