Medialog integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy and Medialog have joined forces to upgrade the connection and correspondence between guests and hotels through a simplified and streamlined communication experience. Customers can now make requests via Whatsapp, SMS, or Email and will be directly integrated into the hotel’s PMS.

HiJiffy has partnered with Medialog to help French hoteliers elevate their guest’s experience. The two-sided integration of HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge and the hotel’s PMS, allows guests to have instant access to the hotel’s information and services, (such as transfers, restaurants, spa, etc.) while requests are being directly sent and recorded onto the guest profile. Hoteliers are now able to keep track, manage and coordinate better guest data with an all-in-one platform solution.

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Main advantages of the integration with Medialog:

  • Virtual Concierge: Guests can now use their preferred method to talk with the hotel anywhere and anytime. From booking airport transfers to ordering room service, customers are one click away from personalizing their stay even before their arrival. On the other side, hoteliers can optimize their efforts and use the tool as a direct channel for upselling services.
  • Pre-arrival arrangements: Guests can receive their booking details via Whatsapp, SMS, or email and ensure any requirements are requested beforehand.
  • Online Check-in: Hotels can facilitate the online check-in experience to reduce contact points and speed up the arrival stage. A form is sent to guests through their most preferred communication channel, such as WhatsApp or SMS, and guests can submit the information and additional requests, all from their phone devices.
  • Online Check.out: Check our details and invoices can be handled directly via SMS or Whatsapp.
  • Post-stay communication: Hotels can follow up or deliver satisfaction campaigns in which guests can share their experiences and publish their reviews on popular platforms such as TripAdvisor.
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What other features does HiJiffy Virtual Concierge have?

  • Messaging across multiple platforms. Guests can choose which communication channel they prefer to reach out to the hotel. At the same time, hotels can retrieve all this data directly in their PMS to improve customer experience.
  • Upselling and promotional opportunities. Using the direct contact opportunity, hoteliers can use previously recorded guest’s preferences to offer exclusive and personalized services.
  • An instant installation of the services. Hotels using the PMS will not have any installation delays when using HiJiffy’s virtual concierge service as the integration is already in place.
  • AI-powered solution. It can only get better. With a pre-trained chatbot for hotels, then hoteliers can automatize their procedures and optimize their time to focus better on managing the guest’s experience.

Yasamin Rahnema, Marketing Manager at Medialog says: “We are excited to team up with HiJiffy to help hoteliers provide a better service and a smoother operation”

Tiago Araújo, CEO of HiJiffy adds: “It’s amazing to see hotels improve their service and increase their ROI with the help of our integration with Medialog”

If you want to learn more about HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge and how it can boost guest satisfaction click here to book a personalized demo.

About Medialog

Medialog is a hybrid cloud and local software solution for hospitality establishments. Overall, Medialog has been providing hotels and restaurants software solutions for 33 years. In an environment where technology is always evolving, Medialog has positioned itself as an ergonomic, intuitive, and easy-to-use system that is constantly adapting to the customer’s actual needs.