June 7, 2024

“No availability” options while booking

Making the best suggestions

In this product highlight series, we examine the various features and functions of the Console – the interface of our Guest Communications Hub. This practical insight shows how easy it is to enhance your communications with guests with the support of our conversational AI.

This article looks at the “No Availability” option.

Note: This feature is available only for specific booking engines. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

No availability opportunities chatbot for different dates plus the option of asking for other properties "no availability" options while booking

Don’t leave your guests hanging

Our new feature optimises the way your guests search and book for availability. If a potential guest doesn’t find availability for the dates they want, our system immediately offers alternative options. This feature ensures that guests don’t have to leave the website in frustration, but can easily find alternative dates or available accommodation. This keeps the booking process convenient and straightforward for the guest, increasing the likelihood that they will book with you and complete the booking process.

Main features

  • Show available dates: Allows guests to book a room for alternative dates.
  • Search alternative accommodation: Provides instantly available options at other accommodations.

Thanks to the seamless integration with your booking engine, you minimise the risk of losing potential guests by offering them instant alternatives. Increase your bookings and improve guest satisfaction with this innovative solution.

This is what it could look like

A potential guest starts a chat with your chatbot on the website and wants to make a booking. The guest is asked for the desired dates, which they enter. Unfortunately, the hotel has no availability. At this moment, the chatbot suggests other periods that the customer can accept or, depending on the chatbot configuration, offers buttons with which the user can decide whether to search for other accommodations or display flexible dates. Once the guest has selected an alternative period or another hotel property, they can finalise their booking.

Do you need additional help?
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