Introducing Aplysia – the first Guest Communications Operating System

Explore Aplysia - the first Guest Communications Operating System fueled by the most advanced AI in the hospitality industry.
Introducing aplysia – the first guest communications operating system
Introducing Aplysia – the first Guest Communications Operating System
July 4, 2022

We are proud and excited to reveal Aplysia OS – the first Guest Communications Operating System.

Its revolutionary technology developed specifically for the hospitality industry uses the most powerful AI to create elevated interactions between hotels and their customers.

Aplysia is able to understand the emotions behind each conversation, and its self-learning capabilities make the learning processes incomparably faster compared to human-trained solutions.

What is Aplysia in more detail, and how is this technology benefiting hoteliers? In this blog, you will find all the answers. Let’s start with the video where HiJiffy’s CTO, José Mendonça, introduces the key concepts within Aplysia OS.‍

Stepping into the new era of guest communications with Aplysia OS

Messaging has changed how we interact in our personal lives, and it is also changing how we do business. With the ever-increasing volume of messages across multiple communication platforms, hoteliers faced a significant challenge: how to answer every conversation across all active channels, 24/7, and in different languages?

To better understand how Aplysia OS is a game-changing solution, let’s take a closer look at each of its four pillars, or – in Aplysia terms – the four Cs: Conversations, Connections, Console, and Cloud.

Conversations: understanding emotion

At the Aplysia lab, we work every day to improve our Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is specially designed and trained for the hospitality industry, where over the past six years, we have been able to collect conversation data from millions of travelers. Using this industry knowledge, we built a robust AI engine that already understands over 85% of guest questions about hundreds of different topics, always giving a personalized answer.

But Aplysia goes even further than answering simple FAQs. Our technology can address big challenges related to syntax and semantics. It allows us to correct common spelling mistakes that people often make when messaging. Consequently, we can better process the sentence, identify the right intent, and then understand the emotions in a conversation. Using this information, we can prioritize and escalate communications to the right team at the right moment. We are able to do all of this in 99% of all the spoken languages in the world.

As conversations can only be effective if guests and hotels are properly connected, let’s talk about Connections.

Connections: removing friction

Most hotels still operate in a disconnected way, meaning that each prospect or guest is a different person for every department. Aplysia OS is solving this problem by centralizing all connections coming from various systems to a single user.

Conversations happening on a hotel website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Booking Engine, or PMS – Aplysia brings all the connections together in a single platform. No need to download any app, nor do hotels need to adopt new technologies.

Perhaps you are wondering where all this information is centralized? Helping hoteliers make the most of their connections with guests and representing the backstage of Aplysia OS, there is the Console.

Console: boosting productivity

Accessible through any browser, desktop, as well as Android and iOS mobile apps, the Console allows hotels to manage, automate, and measure all aspects of their guest communications.

It is one platform with all the channels for all the teams and all the work. 

Cloud: unlocking scalability

Aplysia OS is a cloud-based solution that allows hoteliers to scale, avoiding purchasing expensive systems and equipment. We are a certified company focused on protecting our clients’ information, providing a world-class service based on industry standards and best practices.

More than technology – a vision

Aplysia is different from common approaches regarding the development of new technologies. As it is not static, it is almost like a ‘living technological being,’ meaning it will never be finished. Because hotel and guest needs are constantly changing, there will always be new improvements to be added every day.

“Aplysia OS is being developed to solve today’s problems while already thinking about the challenges of tomorrow, anticipating some needs that hoteliers are not even aware of right now. That is why Aplysia is more than a technology; it is a vision.”
José Mendonça, HiJiffy’s CTO.

We think of hospitality as more than a service – it is an experience. That is also why Aplysia is more than a technology – it is a vision. Aplysia aims to remove barriers between what is the AI and human interaction, making it a unified interaction.

However, it is important to stress that Aplysia OS is not a step toward substituting humans in hospitality – it is the opposite. The goal is to elevate hotel staff roles and have Aplysia OS empowering and supporting them to offer the perfect guest experience.

Be part of the future in hospitality 

By introducing Aplysia OS, we are taking a leap into the future of hospitality together with over 1,600 hotels that have already trusted HiJiffy and enjoy the benefits of our AI-powered solutions:

  • Increased productivity thanks to task automation;
  • Boost in revenue resulting from more direct bookings, promoting smart upsell and cross-sell campaigns;
  • Better guest experience translating into higher guest satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about how our Guest Communications Operating System can empower your hotel, let’s talk – book a demo with our team today.

Introducing Aplysia – the first Guest Communications Operating System
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Introducing Aplysia - the first Guest Communications Operating System

Introducing Aplysia - the first Guest Communications Operating System

Explore Aplysia - the first Guest Communications Operating System fueled by the most advanced AI in the hospitality industry.