Tesipro solutions (Ulyses Cloud) integration with HiJiffy

Tesipro solutions (Ulyses Cloud) integration with HiJiffy

HiJiffy has partnered with Tesipro Solutions to provide end-users with a free two-way integration between HiJiffy Virtual Concierge and Ulyses Cloud, the cloud platform from Tesipro

HiJiffy and Tesipro Solutions’ two-way integration enables hotels to have as little contact as possible with the hotel staff, ensuring at the same time an incredible guest experience, with services such as self-check-in, booking assistant services (transfers, restaurants, SPA, etc.) and express check-out. You can see in more detail how it works in this video:

Ulyses Cloud is a product designed and implemented at Tesipro Solutions, a leading PMS provider in Spain. Ulyses Cloud provides a complete set of tools that will help the best hoteliers to manage their properties easily. Tesipro launched Ulyses Cloud at the beginning of the pandemics and has experienced a big growth due to the importance of digitalization. Reduce your operational costs and gain efficiency with Ulyses Cloud.

HiJiffy and Tesipro Solutions clients will get several advantages out of this guest journey:

  • Welcome message: 48h to 24h before the check-in time, you can send a welcome message to all your guests through the most common communication channels — WhatsApp or SMS, email, or even OTAs such as Booking.com or Expedia. In that message, you can explain how the process on the arrival will be, the check-in time and ask guests to fill an online check-in form;
HiJiffy is able to send a welcome message to all your guests
  • Online Check-in: Hotels can reduce contact points with the guests by sending an online check-in form to their guests through their favorite channels, such as WhatsApp or SMS. Guests submit all of their information and requests online prior to arrival, enabling them to spend less time — or no time at all — at the front desk. Everything on their own mobile devices through the Guest Service Portal from Ulyses Cloud.
  • Virtual Concierge: Guest can use their preferred method to talk with the hotel anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, it is possible to schedule some campaigns that take into consideration the guest’s needs, helping to make service upsells (restaurant table, room service, transfers, etc). Directly connected with all the different departments, including maintenance, F&B, and reception;
  • Express Check-out: A message through SMS or WhatsApp is sent in the morning of the check-out day with information about the check-out process. Within this message, you can also send your guest the invoice;
  • Get more reviews: A few hours after the check-out, you can send a message to your guests asking for a review on the most common platforms in the market, such as TripAdvisor. In this way, your reputation will increase and more and more booking will come.
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