Salesforce integration with HiJiffy


‍HiJiffy integrates with Salesforce to boost hotels’ revenue and guest satisfaction

The AI-powered communication solutions, Booking Assistant and Virtual Concierge, are now integrated with the CRM software

HiJiffy integrates with Salesforce

Hoteliers using the CRM software can now integrate it with HiJiffy’s AI-powered communication solutions. By depositing all the data about the different guests’ interactions directly in Salesforce, including the creation of a new Case when the chatbot cannot solve the query, it allows hotel agents to respond to all queries without leaving the platform.

This powerful combination opens up a range of opportunities for hoteliers, from increasing the number of direct bookings, to task automation, personalized upselling, and improving the guest satisfaction scores.
– José Mendonça, HiJiffy’s CTO.

Main advantages of integrating Salesforce with HiJiffy:

  • Engaging in more conversations with less effort

HiJiffy’s chatbots can be linked with the most popular social media platforms and direct messaging channels (including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google My Business, Telegram, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp), streamlining communication and enabling HiJiffy to deposit data about those interactions directly in the CRM.

This way, hotel agents using Salesforce can respond to all queries without leaving the platform.

  • Turning task automation into revenue

HiJiffy’s technology achieves +85% task automation, empowering hotels using Salesforce to generate more revenue through increased direct bookings, room upgrades, and upsells. 

Thanks to real-time personalization and data processing, AI solutions can optimize lead qualification and nurture by tailoring product recommendations, and processing bookings and requests.

  • Offering customer service 24/7

AI technology enables hotels to provide constant service which is not affected by the time of day, season, or staff availability. HiJiffy’s solutions integrate with Salesforce to maximize the automation of query processing, reaching an average chatbot CSAT of 82%. 

The flow of customer interactions can be customized, so when the chatbot cannot solve the query, it can open a new Case in Salesforce with a direct link to HiJiffy’s console where the conversation can be seamlessly picked up by staff.

  • Optimizing campaigns and upselling opportunities

Data collected and processed by HiJiffy chatbots is stored in Salesforce as new or updated Contact, Opportunity, and Lead records. These also link directly to HiJiffy’s Console. 

Hotels can use this data to personalize their campaigns and send them at the right time in the guest journey, leading to increased revenue through upsells.

More than a chatbot: feature overview of the HiJiffy’s solutions.

Personalized and engaging conversations are at the core of HiJiffy’s products relying on the following high-power features:

  • Artificial Intelligence: HiJiffy’s chatbots are trained for the hospitality industry and deliver value for hotels and guests right from the start. Implementing further customizations, with continuous Customer Success team support available, empowers hotels to improve their guest experience even more.
  • Task automation: enabling automatic processing of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as check-ins, check-outs, or requesting room booking quotes. It reduces the workload of hotel staff and makes them available to deal with more complex queries, which is important considering the staff shortages the hospitality industry is facing.
  • Omnichannel communication: capturing incoming messages from the most popular social media channels and instant messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google My Business, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Telegram) and centralizing them in one place with a clear overview of all conversations and their status.
  • No language barriers: automating translation to over a hundred languages, HiJiffy’s tools enable a better engagement with customers and make information more accessible.
  • Reports and insights: HiJiffy’s tools generate information about their performance and collate valuable insights about your customer satisfaction index, trends in their queries, and other valuable data that can be used to improve hotel services and generate more direct bookings.

Improving performance at every stage of the guest journey.

Combining the power of CRM and AI-powered conversational solutions can have a great impact on your customer satisfaction as it brings benefits upfront at every stage of their journey.

HiJiffy’s AI-powered solutions have a positive impact on each stage of the guest journey

  • Booking

When considering booking their travels, 85% of millennials visit multiple websites to compare available deals. Engaging with travelers at this stage to immediately provide the necessary information and personalized offers can lead to an increase in direct bookings and further room upgrades. 

In 2021, HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant engaged in 2,922,942 conversations with hotel website visitors leading to 80,955 bookings.

  • Pre-stay and stay

In the lead-up to and during the guest stay at the hotel, there is potential in using customer data in Salesforce together with the technology behind HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge to identify best timings and personalizations to optimize upselling opportunities such as additional service bookings. 

Using WhatsApp, SMS, or email, the chatbot can reach out to guests to send them welcome messages, check-in reminders, and other useful information for pre-arrival arrangements.

Once guests check in at the hotel, their customer satisfaction will be nurtured as AI chatbots will immediately process any in-house requests, provide requested information about the hotel and local attractions, as well as send reminders about the check-out and possibly automate that process altogether.

Hotels can facilitate online check-in and check-out experience. A form can be sent to guests through WhatsApp or SMS, speeding up the process and making it more convenient for the guests, and reducing strain on the staff workload.

  • Post-stay

Automated personalized recommendations and retention campaigns can be set up to build on the potential of excellent customer service provided so far. With HiJiffy’s global 82% chatbot CSAT in 2021, customers are likely to continue being engaged beyond their stay at the hotel.

Integrate Salesforce with HiJiffy’s products

To make the most of AI communication tools, hotels using Salesforce can now request this powerful integration to HiJiffy’s Product team.

After that, the Customer Success team will manage the onboarding, helping with the initial setup and customizations, and provide ongoing support.‍