RoomCloud integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy is now integrated with RoomCloud, enabling hotels using this booking engine to take advantage of the AI-powered communication solution and its benefits: increased number of direct bookings, higher guest satisfaction score, reduced contact response time, and more.

The integration of HiJiffy with RoomCloud empowers hotel chatbots to generate more direct bookings.

What is RoomCloud?

RoomCloud is a powerful Booking Engine that, thanks to its reliability and flexibility, is a great choice for any type of property. Its specific features deliver value for hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, and more. The software is completely optimized for mobile devices, offers a full range of customizations, and integrates easily with other tools.

Designer for multi-property management, RoomCloud enables certified support campaigns on the most popular metasearch engines, such as Google Hotel Ads, trivago, or Trip Advisor. This solution also offers payment security, including over 20 payment methods, and is verified to be PCI DSS compliant.

What are HiJiffy’s AI-powered communication solutions?

HiJiffy’s products –  Booking Assistant, Virtual Concierge, and the Console – are fueled by Aplysia OS, our own AI specialized in the hospitality industry. Our communications solutions empower hoteliers to to boost performance at every stage of the guest journey: from the booking consideration through the stay, and beyond.

HiJiffy’s AI-powered communication solutions boost performance at every stage of the guest journey.


It is a common practice among the customers to compare available deals across several platforms, including OTA listings and the hotel’s own website. HiJiffy’s solutions engage with travelers as early as in the booking consideration phase to immediately provide full information and the hotel’s offer and personalize it. This has a positive effect on the increase in direct bookings, as well as upselling and room upgrades. 

Pre-stay and stay

Leading up to the stay at the hotel, as well as during the stay, HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge can identify best moments to send personalized offers to maximize upselling opportunities. Using guests’ favorite communications channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS, or email, the chatbot can contact guests with welcome messages, reminders about the check-in, and more useful information to make pre-arrival arrangements even more convenient and seamless for the hotel guests.


Hoteliers can make the most of AI-powered automation to create personalized retention campaigns as well as prompt feedback collection and review generation.

How does the HiJiffy and RoomCloud integration work?

Many hotel website visitors like to use live chat to confirm availability for the booking they are interested in. While it is possible to find availability directly on the hotel website, thanks to HiJiffy and RoomCloud integration, prospective guests can see all available room options for their selected dates directly within the chat. Once they make their choice, the website visitors are redirected to complete the booking process on the booking engine with all the reservation details already pre-filled, increasing the likelihood of finalizing the process then and there.

This integration offers a range of specific benefits:

  • The website visitors can find exact rates for a particular room type for the dates and the number of people in the reservation, including any discounts for children if such apply.
  • The chatbot will display all available rooms and their amenities, helping to boost upselling of premium rooms.
  • All the booking considerations are happening in the HiJiffy chatbot using powerful conversational marketing technology.
  • The booking is completed in the RoomCloud booking engine to ensure guests’ security.
  • HiJiffy solution enables hoteliers to send automatic SMS on the check-in and check-out dates to request feedback about their stay or a review on external platforms.