Oaky integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy integrates with Oaky to enable fully automated and seamless upselling across a wide range of communication channels.

Full automation of upselling is made possible by Oaky integration with HiJiffy

What is Oaky?

Oaky is a hyper-personalized upselling software helping hotels to boost revenue through enhanced guest experience and branding. Oaky takes upselling services and upgrades to the next level by enabling hoteliers to maximize benefits coming from using segmentation, personalization, dynamic pricing, and more. Recognized as the Best Upselling Software by Hotel Tech Report for five consecutive years, Oaky has gained the trust of innovative hotels, hotel groups, and chains worldwide.

How does the HiJiffy integration with Oaky work?

This powerful integration enables hoteliers to create upselling campaigns in HiJiffy and connect them with Oaky. Thanks to this combination of AI-powered automation with personalization, guests can access a selection of relevant and tailored offers on their favorite messaging channels.

Both hoteliers and travelers benefit from this integration. Guests get to enjoy a more personalized stay as they can effortlessly book upgrades, services, and add-ons that matter to them. Being able to do this via their preferred messenger app, makes the process easier and more convenient for them. Combined with HiJiffy’s conversational marketing approach, this increases traveler engagement and consequently boosts conversion rates and revenue for hotels. 

“The team at Oaky shares our dedication to creating an outstanding guest experience through personalization. The new integration with HiJiffy takes things a step further by using our Guest Communications Operating System to make the upselling process even smoother for travelers,” said Tiago Araújo, CEO of HiJiffy. 

What are the key benefits of HiJiffy’s conversational solutions integration with Oaky

  • Upsell automatically: Upsell via live chat on a hotel’s website, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp.
  • Reduce manual work: Automate both your response and upselling efforts to make your live chat self-sufficient.
  • Waste no time giving guests what they need: Save your guests’ time by delivering the right upsell offers at the right time.
  • Turn FAQs into incremental revenue: Seize direct upselling opportunities before guests search for items like parking, restaurants, and activities elsewhere.
  • Decrease cancellations: Proactively offer guests relevant ancillary services that will make their stay unmissable.
  • Excellent conversion: Oaky’s industry-leading conversion rate of 10.8% means that, of all guests who interact with Oaky, one in eight books an offer.