Hoteligy Integration with HiJiffy

HiJiffy’s conversational AI is now integrated with Hoteligy

Hotels using the Hoteligy platform can now enhance its powerful capability with HiJiffy’s conversational AI specialised in hospitality to improve the guest experience and increase revenue.

Integrations hoteligy hoteligy integration with hijiffy

What is Hoteligy?

Hoteligy excels in hotel digitisation as a unified platform for content and information management in the hotel. Their multi-channel and multi-device platform assists hotels in many ways, including reservation of different services, gastronomic upselling, in-stay marketing, e-concierge, satisfaction surveys, and more.

Bringing together two solutions specialised in hospitality

Hotels using the Hoteligy platform can now take advantage of HiJiffy’s AI technology. The live chat powered by our conversational AI can be prompted through the Hoteligy widget and assist the users with their queries, consequently enhancing the guest experience and increasing revenue.

Enabling the integration with HiJiffy in the Hoteligy platform is quick and easy, so the hotels can start taking advantage of these two powerful solutions combined right from the start.

The advantages of using HiJiffy’s AI-powered guest communications solutions

HiJiffy brings powerful features to hoteliers wanting benefit from personalised and engaging conversations with guests:

  • Artificial Intelligence: HiJiffy’s virtual assistants are trained specifically for the hospitality industry, delivering value for hotels and guests right from the beginning of the interaction.
  • Task automation: time-consuming and repetitive tasks, including but not limited to check-ins, check-outs, or requesting room booking quotes, can be automated to reduce the hotel staff workload. They can instead be available to solve more complex queries that bring value to guests.
  • Omnichannel communication: streamlining guest communications from social media channels and messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google My Business, WeChat, Telegram, Line) it is possible to keep an overview of all conversations as well as their status.
  • Automated translations: HiJiffy’s tools remove language barriers as they translate guest communications to 100+ languages instantly.
  • Insights and reporting: valuable insights are collected by HiJiffy’s tools and actionable reports can be generated to improve hotel services.