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Guest Communication: FAQs

Guest messaging refers to sending administrative and commercial communications to guests using professional software that enables automation and scalability.

By allowing hotels to send scripted notes to their visitors based on specific triggers and/or steps of the customer journey, guest communication tools – that may be integrated with third-party channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct Messages – play a significant role on the overall customer experience.

Satisfying all the guests’ requests is not an easy affair. Thus, to improve the overall customer experience, hoteliers must pay special attention to guest messaging by implementing the best practices.

Hoteliers mustn’t rush to implement all the features available in the guest messaging software at once. Taking one step at a time and implementing one strategy is crucial to maintaining service quality and satisfying the customers. 

Once a specific hotel guest messaging channel is proven to be correctly working, hoteliers can then encourage staff to adopt additional channels.

To make the most out of guest messaging software, hoteliers must follow some simple steps:

  • Be Proactive, yet timely;
  • Focus on quality and user experience;
  • Pay special attention to feedback and reviews;
  • Keep transparent and two-way communications;
  • Track performance and implement A/B testing.


Besides the external communication, hoteliers must also consider implementing proper internal communication practices, assuring that everyone in the staff is aligned with the strategy and aware of the different guest messaging procedures.

Hotel messaging platforms can enhance the service and improve ratings/customer reviews when correctly implemented. In this sense, the key benefits of automating guest messaging through a specialized solution are increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

  • Increased productivity

A guest messaging app saves time and prevents the staff from responding to every request manually. The software features pre-programmed or scripted messages for different situations and demands from guests. It will allow the hotel staff to work and perform the tasks more efficiently, boosting productivity.

  • Reduced operational costs

Hotel automation software reduces the costs of having people perform repetitive and low-added value tasks. Since many responsibilities can be performed with the help of software, the need for skilled and intellectual people decreases to some extent, allowing staff to focus on providing elevated experiences to customers.

Front office communication with guests can break or make the hotel’s reputation. That is why establishing effective communication with clients must be on the top of the agenda of all decision-makers in the hospitality industry.

Since nowadays hoteliers can adopt guest messaging software for a very competitive price, there is no excuse for accommodation providers not to adopt the right tools to enhance the guest experience, assuring that the hotel keeps up with the most advanced technology.

In this sense, it is important to note that the number of mobile users has increased significantly in the present era. People have started to adopt new and modified technologies for their ease, meaning that guests are now used to having easy and user-friendly features at their disposal to better serve their needs. 

This new reality also means that hoteliers cannot rely on old paradigms and must be seeking to adopt new and modified channels to satisfy customers and improve the communication between the staff and guests, remembering always their target audience: the chosen communication channels and strategies need to keep in mind the requirements of the clientele. 

So, when adopting a hotel messenger software to send prompt messages and replies, hoteliers must ensure that, apart from reducing workload, the solution enables segmentation and personalization.

From the tone of voice customization to the creation of custom flow based on the guest interactions, personalization is key to elevating the guest experience.

Absolutely! Many guests already use some sort of AI in everyday life, from smart home devices to mobile apps. What is more, most guests use social networks and messaging apps on daily basis, making them more likely to use those channels to communicate with the hotel, if such an option is available.

For example, compared to calling the reception, guests may find it more effortless to use automated hotel communication software such as Virtual Concierge to book services during their stay, report issues, maintenance requests, or respond to feedback prompts.

The best guest communication solution should cover the entire guest journey: from the pre-stay considerations to the stay at the hotel, and beyond. 

Let’s take a closer look at the examples of how automated guest messaging can help at each stage of the guest journey:

  • Pre-stay: Answering FAQs, assisting with bookings, running room upgrade campaigns, and sending a welcome message.
  • In-stay: Processing digital check-ins, check-outs, and in-house requests; running upsell campaigns and satisfaction surveys.
  • Post-stay: Sending personalized thank you messages, prompting guest reviews and feedback collection, running retention campaigns.


HiJiffy’s AI-powered guest messaging apps centralize the communication across different platforms, such as the app widget on the hotel’s website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, or email. Booking Assistant and Virtual Concierge, our guest messaging software, use conversational AI to provide the best customer service experience to hotel guests at every point of contact with the hotel. Our technology also enables hoteliers to manage conversations in the most streamlined and efficient way in a powerful one-stop guest communication hub.

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