Hotels using Roiback’s booking engine will be able to seamlessly implement HiJiffy’s virtual assistant, offering a more advanced service and user experience and increasing the chances of converting web traffic into bookings for the hotel.

Roiback and HiJiffy’s partnership is now equipping hotels with an AI-Powered solution that delivers lightning-fast responses, reduces costs, and decreases OTA’s dependency. The integration between the two platforms allows hotels that are using Roiback’s booking system to quickly add HiJiffy’s Booking Assistant, without any delays in the operations. This solution provides guests a more intuitive and direct channel to make any inquiry instantly and in only one platform. Travelers are now able to request any information about the hotel, quotations, or even execute a booking using a one-stop omnichannel solution.

Main advantages of the integration with HiJiffy:

  • Real-time quotes: Guests can now compare rates, rooms categories, packages, and other offers, according to the current hotel’s occupancy and seasonality, without leaving the chat conversation. The chatbot is able to reply within seconds with the AI-powered +160 automated replies.
  • Upselling opportunities: Hoteliers can take also the opportunity to offer a wider range of options instantly creating an opportunity to upsell or upgrade customer’s choices.
  • Campaigns and promotional codes: There is availability to use promotional codes or discounts, allowing guests to execute their holiday requests within only one booking flow.
  • Booking options: once customers have decided which room/package to book, the Book Now button will pop up and the reservation can be completed within Roiback’s booking system.

What other features does HiJiffy Booking Assistant have?

  • Quick installation: the direct integration of HiJiffy with Roiback’s booking system provides customers with the availability to install the booking assistant without having any delays.
  • Omnichannel solution: Requests can be funneled into one stream from a wide variety of platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and WeChat. Moreover, if the hotel has a Facebook page available, HiJiffy’s chatbot will act on the same basis as Facebook Messenger, creating a new channel for guests to access a direct booking.
  • AI-powered solution: With a pre-trained chatbot, hotels can automatize their procedures and optimize their time to focus better on managing the guest’s experience.
  • Conversation history available for agents: In this case, a hotel agent would require to join a conversation with a guest, the previous chat is transferred so the agent is able to follow the request without being redundant. Moreover, within the same backend, agents can review and update the automated replies to improve the conversation between the chatbot and the guest.
  • Reports and suggestions: The console contains information on the chatbot’s performance and also allows you to centralize information on the most frequent customer complaints or your customer satisfaction index, amongst other useful data.
Leonardo Llorente, Head of Product and Development at Roiback says: “Oftentimes travelers have questions before booking their stay. This is why we believe it is essential for hotels to offer an advanced chatbot solution to automate repetitive tasks and simplify their customer service processes. At Roiback we always aspire to provide the best means for our partners to succeed within their operations and the collaboration with HiJiffy responds to this aspiration. We constantly look to offer the best technology to our customers, either through our own tools or, in this case, through strategic partnerships.”
Tiago Araújo, CEO at HiJiffy adds: “Roiback is one of the main tech partners in the hospitality industry. We are so excited to finally collaborate as we know that together we are stronger and we will empower hoteliers to have more direct bookings.”

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About Roiback

Roiback are experts in direct channel management for hotel chains and independent hotels. Roiback works with over 200 hotels in Mexico and 2000 worldwide and offers hotel chains and independent hoteliers a market-leading booking engine that is conversion-oriented and integrates with online marketing management services. Roiback has been awarded “Best Hotel Booking Solutions Provider in Europe” for five consecutive years, considered the most important award in the international travel industry.

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About HiJiffy

Founded in 2016, HiJiffy was built with the vision to deliver remarkable guest experiences by leveraging AI-powered Chat Booking Assistant and automation tools across a vast range of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. Today, HiJiffy is recognized as one of the most innovative solutions in Tourism by the World Tourism Organisation.

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