March 12, 2024


The most important parameters for your hub.

In our Product Highlight series, we dive into the Console, a focused interface of our Guest Communications Hub. This chapter focuses on how our innovative conversational AI technology simplifies and magnifies the efficiency of managing guest communications.

What can you optimise in the Settings Option?

Hoteliers can access comprehensive tools to finely tune their guest communication strategies. From agent management to billing, each feature in this settings menu is crafted to enhance operational efficiency and streamline communication processes. The settings section is the last button on the left-most menu. It is represented by the icon with a cogwheel.

Mastering Agent Management

Add, manage, and deactivate agents with ease. The process involves navigating to the ‘Agents’ tab, where you can input the agent’s details, assign roles, and integrate them into specific teams. It allows for a detailed overview of each agent’s access and responsibilities.

This aspect of the Console empowers hoteliers to scale their teams efficiently, ensuring the right staff are in place for optimal guest communication. It also enhances security by ensuring only authorised personnel have access to sensitive guest data.

Settings overall settings

Tailoring Roles and Permissions

You will be able to assign roles, each with unique access levels. Agents focus on guest interaction by answering guest requests in the inbox menu. Editors have an additional role in content editing. Supervisors oversee broader operational aspects, and Admins have complete control over the Console.

A structured approach like this ensures staff access only what they need, minimising the risk of data breaches and enhancing operational efficiency. It allows for a clear distribution of responsibilities, ensuring staff are not overwhelmed and can focus on their primary tasks.

Optimising Team Dynamics

Create and manage teams with specific access rights. This includes determining which agents belong to a team, defining the channels they have access to, and setting permissions for tag creation and inbox visibility. In this way, you can ensure focus and efficient team operations.

By grouping agents based on expertise or department, hotels can ensure a more organised response to guest inquiries and a streamlined workflow.

Settings teams settings

Setting Up Agent Availability

Agents can toggle their availability, affecting how conversations are distributed and handled, ensuring that guest inquiries are always directed to available agents, and improving response times and service quality. The feature further aids in managing workloads, preventing staff burnout. It is available exclusively for premium and enterprise plans.

Streamlining Account Settings

Customise account settings, including automated conversation management like tag removal and conversation reassignment. This section provides detailed control over how conversations are handled once they are closed. Such streamlining of conversation management, ensures that each guest interaction is treated with a fresh perspective, as well as reducing confusion and improves the clarity of guest communications.

Settings account settings

Keeping Company Details Current

Easily update company information, ensuring that all guest-facing and internal communications are accurate. This maintains the integrity and professionalism of the hotel’s communication. Accurate information is essential for effective guest service and billing accuracy.

Navigating Billing with Transparency

The HiJiffy platform automatically updates company information, a key feature that significantly eases the workload for the hotel’s accounting and finance departments. Automated accuracy in data like this ensures that billing for the hotel’s monthly or yearly subscriptions remains precise, facilitating seamless financial tracking and management. This enhances efficiency and upholds the financial integrity and transparency of the hotel’s operations.

Settings billing 1 settings

Need assistance with making the most of the settings?
Browse our Help Center and access over 200 articles exploring the practical side of using the Guest Communications Hub. From onboarding videos to step-by-step guides to troubleshooting, it packs valuable information available to you instantly at any time. If you need further assistance with making the most of your solution, reach out to your Customer Success representative.

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