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This Product Highlight series explores in detail the various features and functions of the Console, which is the interface to our Guest Communications Hub. This practical approach demonstrates how simple it is to improve conversations with your guests using our conversational artificial intelligence (AI). This article looks at the most straightforward expression of conversational AI – chatbots.

What is the “Chatbots” menu?

The “Chatbots” menu is symbolised by a small robot icon on the left of the console. This is one of the most crucial menus, as its main function is to instruct the chatbot on how to answer questions about your property or properties.

Depending on your subscription, you may have several chatbots on your HiJiffy console. In this case, you can choose the chatbot that interests you by clicking on the arrow above “Configuration”, as illustrated below:

Chatbot configuration chatbots

Once you’ve made sure you’ve selected the right chatbot, you can make changes. This includes the ability to define the availability of your teams to respond to conversations transferred to the console, as well as configuring various key parameters. Let’s explore each of these options in detail.

What is there in the “Chatbots” menu?

The “Chatbots” menu has four tabs:

  • Key parameters
  • Availability
  • Requests
  • FAQ

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Key parameters

In the main settings, you can select: 

  • The chatbot’s time zone.
  • Languages supported by the chatbot.
  • The default language. This is the language of the chatbot if the browser of the person visiting your site is not in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • The welcome message. This is the first message sent by the chatbot when someone opens the widget.

Chatbot main settings chatbots

By filling in the key parameters correctly, you can promote a more personalised user experience and ensure that the chatbot communicates effectively with visitors to your site.


The “Availability” tab allows you to define your working hours, the availability of your team and your closing times. If you only have one property, simply go to “General schedule”. However, if you are managing several properties, click on “Schedules by property”.

  • Working hours

You can choose the time slots when your team will be available, in particular when the chatbot needs to transfer a conversation to them. What’s more, you can customise the automatic message that will be sent when someone wants to chat with one of your agents.

Chatbot global hours 1 chatbots

  • Agent availability

For Premium or Enterprise subscriptions, you can define the message that will be displayed when your team members have activated the “Unavailable” status.

  • Closing hours

You can also write the message that will be displayed when someone tries to contact your agents outside the working hours previously specified. If this is the case, the chatbot will send this message to users.

Personalising these messages has a dual benefit: it ensures clear communication by letting users know when they can expect a response, while at the same time making it possible to manage their expectations, thereby boosting overall satisfaction and trust in your brand. And rest assured, messages from users don’t get lost – they’re always displayed in your inbox!


This tab allows you to assign user requests made via the chatbot to specific email addresses. In other words, when a conversation is transferred to the console following a user request, it can be automatically sent to the email address of your choice.

The advantage of this is that you can request that an email be sent to an external person, or to yourself, for example.

Chatbot requests chatbots


The FAQ section lets you choose from a variety of topics such as the “25 most frequently asked questions” or “about property”.

Chatbot faqs chatbots

Simply select the property for which you want to create the FAQ and add the answers to the questions. We recommend that you start with the 25 most popular subjects, then gradually add the others. As you fill in the FAQs, you will notice that some will be marked in green (meaning they are complete) while others will be marked in yellow to indicate that they are still empty.

Supplement each subject with relevant information to increase the automation of your chatbot and reduce your team’s workload. They will no longer have to answer simple, repetitive questions.

What are the advantages of the “Chatbots” menu for you and your teams?

  • You can communicate transparently with your potential guests. Configuring the availability of your teams and customising messages contribute to a more personalised user experience and transparent communication.

  • You can manage your potential guests’ expectations and boost satisfaction with your brand. Informing users when your agents are unavailable allows you to manage their expectations by clearly indicating when they can expect a response, thereby avoiding frustration and reinforcing trust in your brand.

  • Manage your different chatbots efficiently according to your properties. You can customise the chatbot’s responses for each of your properties.

  • Relieve your teams from repetitive tasks. By telling the chatbot the answers to the most frequently asked questions, you eliminate the need for users to contact your team. This reduces their workload and allows them to focus on higher added-value tasks.

Need assistance with making the most of the chatbots?
Browse our Help Center and access over 200 articles exploring the practical side of using the Guest Communications Hub. From onboarding videos to step-by-step guides to troubleshooting, it packs valuable information available to you instantly at any time. If you need further assistance with making the most of your solution, reach out to your Customer Success representative.

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