March 27, 2024

AI Text Refinement

Adapt and improve your messages with AI to save time

In this Product Highlight series, we take a closer look at the various features and functionalities of the Console, the interface of our Guest Communications Hub. This is a practical approach that shows you how easy it is to optimise communication with your guests using our conversational artificial intelligence. In this article, we explore the AI Text Refinement feature.

Where can you find it in the Console?

If you go to the Inbox tab, you will find a magic wand icon on the right side of the bar where you normally write your messages. By clicking on this button, you’ll be able to choose one of the options available to refine your communication.

Ai text refinement overall ai text refinement

A natural and correct translation

Professionals in the hospitality industry usually speak at least two or three languages. But in an increasingly globalised world with a growing number of communications channels, it is impossible to demand that your team is fluent in all the languages there are.

Ai text refinement translate ai text refinement

This is no longer an impossible feat. With our new AI-powered tool, it is possible to translate your messages. With just one click, your staff will be able to answer correctly and naturally sounding in languages currently including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Avoid losing a potential booking due to a poor translation or inability to understand a message in a foreign language.

Ai text refinement translate 2 ai text refinement

Say goodbye to grammar mistakes

Even if you are fluent in the language but have doubts about an accent or verb conjugation, it’s possible to click on the Check Grammar option and make sure your message is 100% correct before it reaches the guest. The less common the language of the guest with whom you are communicating, the easier it is to make mistakes. Unless you use this advanced AI functionality, of course.

Ai text refinement check grammar ai text refinement

Tone up the quality of your messages

To communicate most efficiently with your guests, you need to adapt your language and tone of voice according to their travel intention, demographic, and the channel through which they reached you. Now, with the Change Tone functionality, your reception or reservations teams can choose whether they want to use an informal, professional, empathetic or even informative tone. Personalising your messages is now even more accessible and quicker to customise.

Ai text refinement change tone friendly ai text refinement

Raise the quality of your communication

With so many interactions we sometimes have with our guests, it is easy to become repetitive in answering them and providing information. It used to be difficult to find the time (and even the patience) to be innovative with your writing style. But with the “Rewrite” option, this has become a quick and automatic solution that will allow your teams to offer your guests an original, interesting and more human way of communicating.

Ai text refinement rewrite ai text refinement

More direct messages? Or more complete information? You decide!

Often, guests are given too much information about the different services hotels offer. Now, you can shorten your messages so that your guest receives only the most relevant information in a form summarised to their needs. However, the opposite is also possible.

Ai text refinement rewrite 1 1 ai text refinement

You can also expand your information without having to invest extra time in the process. It comes particularly useful when you don’t have the time to write longer messages, but want to offer a more comprehensive answers.

Ai text refinement rewrite 2 ai text refinement

Automatic messages: the basis of your automated interactions

Take advantage of all the messages you create for your interactions with your guests, save them and send them whenever you need to. This tool aims to optimise your processes and save you time on the most repetitive tasks, making automatic messages an excellent tool. The good news is that you can also create messages that both you and your colleagues can use, thus avoiding duplication of effort. Or, if you prefer to write and send messages in a personalised way, you can do so in your private tab.

Ai text refinement rewrite 3 1 ai text refinement

Need assistance with making the most of the AI Text Refinement feature?
Browse our Help Center and access over 200 articles exploring the practical side of using the Guest Communications Hub. From onboarding videos to step-by-step guides to troubleshooting, it packs valuable information available to you instantly at any time. If you need further assistance with making the most of your solution, reach out to your Customer Success representative.

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