Triptease integration with HiJiffy


Currently, hoteliers are focussing on providing contactless experiences and increasing the number of direct bookings to bring better stability to their hotel business and depend less on the OTAs. For that, hoteliers need to continuously personalise and improve the guest experience using targeted messaging through a widget and a conversational bot, and industry-leading parity management tools.

As we continue to broaden the HiJiffy Platform across the guest journey, from search and reservation on a hotel’s website, through to digital check-in, in-stay communication, and check-out, we are making sure we continue to provide our customers with the best possible tech for their direct booking strategy.

That is why we’re thrilled to announce that in order to provide our customers with a best-in-class product, we’ve partnered with the industry-leading direct booking platform for hotels, Triptease.

Triptease’s Parity Management and Price Check tools help hoteliers to monitor and optimise their parity so they can offer guests the best price direct and increase direct bookings via their own website. The Parity Monitoring dashboard provides a live feed of every time a guest makes a search on a hotel website and an OTA is offering a better price for that same stay. Hoteliers can view all the information about the booking as well as being able to download screenshots of the disparity to use as evidence when negotiating with OTAs.

With Triptease Price Check displaying on their website, hoteliers can show guests their own prices in comparison to their chosen range of OTAs every time a guest makes a search and they are in price parity. This means guests can instantly see that booking direct with the hotel is the best option.

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Triptease’s Targeted Messages allow hoteliers to target specific segments of guests with bespoke messages and offers. Their Meta and Retargeting tools bring the right guests to the hotel website with automatically-calculated bids based on your parity status and their likelihood to book. The recently launched Express mobile experience provides a simple, three-step checkout for customers on mobile, and can be used for traffic from metasearch retargeting ads or all of a hotel’s mobile traffic.

By simultaneously using HiJiffy’s advanced web chat solution (which supports over 100 languages, ensures an automation rate above 80% and spans a hotel’s website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat) hoteliers can ensure they provide instant replies to their customers 24 hours a day.

Using HiJiffy and Triptease together provides the kind of super targeted digital experience that helps hoteliers to optimise their direct channel and strengthen their relationship with guests. It also means that hoteliers can begin to access the same speed of learning that OTAs have been benefiting from for years.

HiJiffy Co-founder and CEO, Tiago Araújo, said “HiJiffy and Triptease working together enables hotels to improve their direct sales techniques to secure bookings without losing more share to OTAs. We’re super eager to develop additional features together, allowing hotels to be more and more digital and to access more data each day to make better decisions and maximise their revenue.”

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Triptease Co-founder and Chief Tease, Charlie Osmond, said “HiJiffy was the obvious choice to take over our AI-powered chat service. As the Triptease platform has expanded to provide personalised experiences across the entire booking journey, we were looking for a chat specialist we could trust to provide continuous quality innovation to our clients. The HiJiffy tool helps hoteliers to secure more direct bookings on their website but also allows them to reopen and engage with customers in-property in an effortless and responsible way. I’m excited to work together with the HiJiffy team to find new ways that Triptease’s industry-leading data can improve the chat experience.”

The great news for previous Triptease Live Chat customers is that you can automatically upgrade to HiJiffy, giving you instant access to an AI-powered chatbot and communication platform that was named The Most Innovative Solution in Tourism 2020 by the World Tourism Organization. If you are not using Triptease, but you’re interested to hear more about this partnership and you can benefit from it, please get in touch with us here.

HiJiffy integration with Triptease Convert API to boost direct bookings

Building on the existing partnership with Triptease, HiJiffy developed further integration with Triptease Convert API to bring even more benefits to clients using both solutions.

The integration enables a real-time comparison between the booking engine price and the prices on the most popular OTAs platforms. The results are shown to the prospective guest within the booking flow in the web chat widget powered by HiJiffy’s conversational AI. This rate parity initiative contributes to the increase in direct bookings.