Experience integration with HiJiffy

The integration of HiJiffy’s Guest Communication Hub with the Experience CRM allows hoteliers using both platforms to benefit from conversational AI in their marketing efforts.

How does the integration between Experience and HiJiffy work?

HiJiffy’s AI agent can send guest contact data collected within the conversation (such as a staff contact request or a newsletter form) directly to Experience CRM, where a contact is created automatically. Clients using both solutions benefit from improved efficiency of lead generation and follow-up processes thanks to automated contact creation in the CRM, from which further email campaigns can be managed.

How to activate the integration?

Existing HiJiffy clients can reach out to their dedicated Customer Success representatives to activate the integration with Experience CRM.

If you are already using Experience CRM and are interested in HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub, schedule a demo with our team to explore how our solution can benefit your direct bookings, upselling, hotel operation and more.

About Experience

Experience is an all-in-one CRM & Marketing for hotels and restaurants solution designed to
manage guest database, e-reputation, guest experience, and email marketing campaigns, to
increase direct sales and decrease OTA commissions.