Vacation Rentals increase direct bookings by 140%


AI-powered conversations


Automation rate


CSAT score


In direct bookings

Main benefits of HiJiffy solutions for Vacation Rentals

Increase Revenue

Benefit from conversational AI specialised in hospitality to reduce OTAs dependency by increasing direct bookings and optimising upselling opportunities.

Improve Guest Experience

Take advantage of streamlined omnichannel guest communications to provide customised and instant replies at every step of the guest journey, exceeding expectations.

Automatise Procedures

Enable AI-powered solutions to perform common tasks and process requests to increase productivity and improve customer service.

Manage Guest Data Efficiently

Use valuable data insights to run targeted marketing and retention campaigns, as well as optimise processes and reduce operating costs.

AI-powered solution for Vacation Rentals

Why HiJiffy?

Check what vacation rentals are saying on HotelTechReport

"Pretty much all automated"


Bed & Breakfast in the USA

"On the way to the future..."

Sales Department Rep

Accommodation in Portugal

"One of the best chatbots"

Vice President of E-Commerce

Accommodation in Philippines

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