May 8, 2024

AI Hospitality Insider – The first edition of our magazine for the hotel industry is available!

Discover our very first edition of the AI Hospitality Insider.

Explore our first edition of the AI Hospitality Insider, a comprehensive report that delves into the latest trends and innovations shaping our industry.

Balancing the traditional touchpoints of hospitality with technology has been a fundamental aspect of our journey with HiJiffy. We understand that the essence of hospitality lies in personalisation and human connection. Our approach has been to enhance, not replace, these traditional touchpoints. That’s why this edition of AI Hospitality Insider will be dedicated to the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality.

This publication includes a compelling success story of HiJiffy’s client revealing AI’s transformative power in a real-world scenario. With an impressive 97% automation rate in conversations and an outstanding 87% CSAT score, the impact can be clearly seen through the innovative initiatives undertaken by the Lamington Group.

Further on, we address the balance of technology and human touch by ensuring our AI-powered solutions complement human interaction rather than substitute it and also freeing up hotel staff to focus on more personalised guest interactions. In the pool of all the decisions that can be made, this article will assist you in choosing the ideal AI solution for your hotel as well as helping to ensure a seamless integration and adaptation for your team.

Analysing what specialised or generative AI solutions are tailored to your specific needs, this publication aims to keep you well-informed. For practical guidance in social media, we offer you insights on how hotels can effectively leverage social media channels and adapt their strategies to meet the evolving needs of modern travellers.

To gain a more detailed insight into HiJiffy’s product and understand the benefits you can receive from our console, you will learn about its main features and highlights.

We invite you to explore these pages and discover the potential of AI.

Enjoy reading!

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