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Integration between Smoobu and HiJiffy

What does the Software offer?

  • Smoobu is an all-in-one solution for hospitality, with several modularized solutions.
  • HiJiffy is integrated with Smoobu’s PMS, allowing hoteliers who have both solutions to take the best out of the two systems.
  • Smoobu’s PMS allows to have all the operations centralised and accessible by several users optimise staff operations and increase productivity.

How does the Integration work?

  • Smoobu PMS shares the guests details with Hijjify everytime there is a new reservation and when there are status changes or updates.
  • With Smoobu and HiJiffy integrated solution, it is possible to plan campaigns to guest in specific times of their journey, enriching their experience.
  • From the moment HiJiffy receives the reservation information, it is also possible to centralize all the communications on HiJiffy’s console and, more than that, to start taking advantage of the AI to automatize the majority of the conversations.

Main Benefits for the Guest:

  • The guest receives a welcome message from Hijiffy before the in-stay part of the journey, which initiates all the communications.
  • The guest is immediately able to ask all questions through Watsapp and clear all doubts regarding the stay.
  • It is also a plus to receive proactively comms from the hotel with information regarding the accommodation and services available.

Main Benefits for the Hotel:

  • Initiate the communications with the customer ahead of the stay, enabling them to have answers to all the doubts in an automated way thanks to Hijjify’s AI.
  • Have 90% of the queries answered by Hijiffy’s AI, decreasing pressure on the operations and improving guests experience, since the answers are provided in seconds.