RMS integration with HiJiffy

The Guest Communication Hub of HiJiffy has integrated with RMS PMS, which allows clients who use both solutions to take advantage of AI-powered automation in different marketing campaigns.

How does the integration between the RMS and HiJiffy work?

With the two solutions being integrated, HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub can retrieve guest reservation data from the Property Management System solution by RMS. This data can be used to enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts by automatically reaching out to guests with personalised campaigns based on their data and preferences. Personalisation and conversational Artificial Intelligence remain among the most prominent guest communications trends in 2023, making this integration a must-have for clients using both HiJiffy and RMS.

How to activate the integration?

If you are already a HiJiffy client, contact your Customer Success representative to activate the integration.

If you are a client of RMS and interested in our Guest Communications Hub, we invite you to book a demo with our team. By doing so, you can see firsthand how this solution can benefit your hotel.

About RMS

RMS delivers scalable, cloud technology trusted by more than 7,000 properties across 70 countries to manage, operate and grow hospitality accommodation businesses. As an innovative market leader for over 40 years, RMS has unparalleled expertise and insight, informing the constant evolution of their robust and fully integrated platform. Their comprehensive suite of native features enables operators to increase revenue, streamline operations and engage and retain loyal customers.