Revinate integration with HiJiffy

The integration of HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub with Revinate’s CRM empowers clients using both solutions to benefit from improving the efficiency of their marketing efforts, including lead generation and follow-up processes.

How the integration between HiJiffy and Revinate works

Every time HiJiffy’s conversational AI creates a contact in the Guest Communications Hub, it also creates it in Revinate’s CRM. Clients managing their email campaigns with Revinate’s solution will benefit from this automatic content creation and subsequential time-saving and improved efficiency.

How to activate this integration

If you are our client, contact HiJiffy’s Customer Success team with a request to activate your integration.

If you would like to learn more about how our Guest Communications Hub can benefit your hotel, book a demo with the HiJiffy team.

About Revinate

More than 12,000 hotels bank on Revinate to power unforgettable guest experiences and drive direct revenue. Revinate Marketing delivers personalised campaigns and upsell offers for rooms and amenities through targeted guest segmentation. The solution offers automation of email marketing campaigns across the entire guest journey and reengages with guests who have not completed their booking.