HiJiffy integration with Oracle

HiJiffy is now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace (OCM), and can be deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and integrated with OPERA Cloud via the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP). 

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for hoteliers looking to enhance their guest experience through innovative technology. It makes it possible to turn each guest’s status, like booking confirmed or already checked-in into the hotel, into a communication opportunity.

With this deployment, hoteliers will be able to increase revenue while automating repetitive tasks.

Empowering hotels

This synergy with OHIP empowers hotels to more efficiently utilise reservation data to maximise the capabilities of HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub. 

This means HiJiffy can craft personalised messaging campaigns that resonate with guests, ensuring their stay is not just comfortable but memorable.

José Mendonça, HiJiffy’s CTO, highlights the essence of this collaboration: “Accessing up-to-date guest reservation information allows us to tailor our in-stay messaging campaigns. This not only enhances the guest experience by providing timely and relevant communication but also fosters a more engaging interaction during their stay.”

Less manual work, more revenue

Opening up new opportunities to boost ancillary revenue, this collaboration allows hotels to act upon guests’ immediate needs, offering them personalised options that enhance their stay exactly at the right time.

“By maximising the power of real-time synchronisation with Oracle Cloud, hotels will be able to deliver targeted upsell offers and services exactly when guests are most receptive, significantly increasing their conversion rates,” underlines Mendonça.

It also positively impacts the guest experience by ensuring that guests feel recognised and valued with instant, relevant communication throughout their stay.

Availability on Oracle Cloud Marketplace 

This collaboration not only underscores HiJiffy’s commitment to the Oracle community but also enables Oracle Cloud customers to integrate the Guest Communications Hub into their operations. To do so, hoteliers must access HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub page on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and then complete the required subsequent steps.