HiJiffy x Net Affinity

Net Affinity integration with HiJiffy

Combining HiJiffy’s Guest Communication Hub with the Net Affinity booking engine empowers hoteliers who use both systems to take advantage of AI-driven automation. This facilitates the seamless guidance of potential guests throughout the booking procedure, ultimately leading to a boost in direct bookings.

How does the integration between Net Affinity and HiJiffy work?

Leveraging the capabilities of conversational AI, the Guest Communications Hub gains the ability to interact with the Net Affinity booking engine. By tapping into this integration, the system can fetch information about hotel availability according to guest preferences. The outcomes are then seamlessly presented within the ongoing conversation powered by HiJiffy’s AI. This benefits potential guests with the convenience of instantly checking real-time room availability, having queries automatically and instantly answered by conversational AI, and eventually increasing the likelihood of completing direct bookings with the hotel rather than relying on OTAs.

How to activate the integration?

HiJiffy’s current clients can contact their dedicated Customer Success representatives to activate the integration with Net Affinity.

If you are already using Net Affinity and are interested in HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub, schedule a demo with our team to explore how our solution can benefit your direct bookings, upselling, hotel operation and more.

About Net Afinity’s booking engine

Net Affinity’s booking engine is the newest technology on the market. Feature-rich, lightning-fast and made for mobile, it’s everything your guest needs from their booking experience. 

This new piece of technology has been built from the ground up, with years’ worth of Net Affinity’s knowledge and learnings applied. Hosted using the most modern cloud infrastructure and built around APIs, it enables them to artfully link all your hotel tech together, propelling your systems toward extraordinary heights.