Neobookings integration with HiJiffy


HiJiffy has partnered with Neobookings to ensure that customers receive instant communication through a sophisticated AI-based hotel chatbot experience. The two-way interaction between HiJiffy and Neobookings allows customers to receive faster answers than ever before.

HiJiffy and Neobookings have entered a partnership that enables users to freely optimize their booking experience with chat automation to quickly answer their queries. Neobookings now has access to an all-in-one platform that boosts direct bookings through real-time quotations and photos of hotels. Users are able to choose their room, receive real-time prices, and much more to complete their booking.

Main advantages of the integration with the Neobookings booking engine:

  • Real time information: Our chatbot provides real time information to prospective clients so they always get the best offer available.
  • Direct Booking Links: once the customer is ready to book, we offer a direct booking link to surge direct bookings. The user instantly sees the price and the description within the widget.
HiJiffy is able to send a magnitude of responses

About Neobookings
Neobookings is a booking engine for hotels, hostels, apartments and booking portals. It offers corporate web design and search engine optimization. Facebook booking engine and hotel software for mobile devices. Their key features include: own channel manager, integration with different PMS on the market and realization of XML connectivities.