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ICG integration with HiJiffy

HiJiffy’s Guest Communication Hub is now integrated with ICG PMS enabling clients using both solutions to benefit from AI-powered automation in various marketing campaigns.

How does the integration between ICG and HiJiffy work?

HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub is able to retrieve guest information from the ICG PMS, thanks to the seamless integration between the two solutions. This data can be used to enhance marketing efforts by automating the process of targeting guests with personalised campaigns tailored to their reservation data.

How to activate the integration?

Existing HiJiffy clients can reach out to their Customer Success representatives to activate the integration.

If you are an ICG client and would like to explore the advantages of our Guest Communications Hub, book a demo with our team to discover how this solution can benefit your hotel.

About ICG

ICG Group is a multinational company creating technological solutions for small, medium and big enterprises in the hospitality industry, hotel and retail sectors ranging from developing Point of Sale Software to the management of centralised chains and franchises.