Fideltour x HiJiffy

Fideltour integration with HiJiffy

HiJiffy’s Guest Communication Hub is now integrated with Fideltour CRM enabling clients using both solutions to benefit from AI-powered automation in the efficiency of lead generation and follow-up processes.

How does the integration between Fideltour and HiJiffy work?

Thanks to this integration between the two solutions, HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub can send data directly to Fideltour. Every time HiJiffy creates a contact, it does so in Fideltour CRM as well. This way, clients using both solutions can manage their email campaigns in the CRM. 

How to activate the integration?

If you are already a HiJiffy client, contact your Customer Success representative to activate the integration.

If you are a Fideltour client interested in our Guest Communications Hub, book a demo with our team to see how the solution can benefit your hotel.

About Fideltour

Fideltour is a comprehensive solution to increase direct sales in the hotel industry. It is a specific CRM created by and for hoteliers, which allows them to connect, understand, and retain customers. Use it individually or through modules, adding and enhancing data to ensure your database and marketing actions generate the expected return.