eZee integration with HiJiffy

Combining HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub with eZee PMS enables powerful capacities that make it easy for hotels to manage their daily operations while improving overall guest services. Engage with your upcoming hotel guests before their arrival, share useful information and personalised messages, offer online check-in and check-out services, and provide in-stay upselling opportunities to enhance and personalise guest experience.

How does the integration between Net Affinity and HiJiffy work?

With the two solutions being integrated, HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub can retrieve guest reservation data from the Property Management System solution by eZee. This data can be used to enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts by automatically reaching out to guests with personalised campaigns based on their data and preferences.

How to activate the integration?

HiJiffy’s current clients can contact their dedicated Customer Success representatives to activate the integration with eZee.

If you are already using eZee and are interested in HiJiffy’s Guest Communications Hub, schedule a demo with our team to explore how our solution can benefit your direct bookings, upselling, hotel operation and more.

About eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is a complete hotel management system which helps hotels automate operations right from front-office, back-office, check-in, check-out, reservations, billing, housekeeping, and more. The platform helps hotels to improve the guest experience they impart and increase their revenue.