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BookOnlineNow integration with HiJiffy

What is BookOnlineNow?

BookOnlineNow is a leader in hospitality revenue management solutions, dedicated to empowering hotels, apartments, and B&Bs with a top-tier booking engine. The platform is designed to drive not just traffic but conversions, featuring user-friendly interfaces, dynamic promotional tools, and robust security measures. Their Booking Engine powered by user-centric intelligence, to provide the best navigation to users in a seamless way. Guests can book from any device, ensuring accessibility and the design is customizable, blending to the client’s website, to guarantee an homogeneous look and feel.

How does the Integration between HiJiffy and BookOnlineNow work?

In a collaboration that bridges innovative booking solutions with advanced conversational AI, BookOnlineNow and HiJiffy come together to offer hotels, apartments, and B&Bs an integrated solution designed to enhance the guest booking journey from start to finish.

Together, BookOnlineNow and HiJiffy optimize the booking process, offering a seamless, efficient, and secure way for guests to plan their stays, ensuring that hotels can maximize their direct booking potential.
Features include the possibility to see directly on the chatbot the room carousel and the prices for rooms which are availables for the selected dates, for the number of people selected.

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Transforming Visitor Interactions into Confirmed Bookings

Crafted to turn browsing into booking, BookOnlineNow’s booking engine provides a streamlined, intuitive path for guests to secure their reservations. Focusing on maximizing conversion rates, the integration ensures that potential guests experience a seamless transition through the booking process by saving the parameters inserted on the chatbot even when the visitor is redirected to the booking engine.

So, by incorporating HiJiffy’s AI into the mix, guests receive immediate, personalized assistance throughout their booking journey. During the inquiries about rates and availability, HiJiffy’s AI ensures guests have all the information they need to make a decision, directly within their preferred communication channel.

An Integrated Booking Journey with BookOnlineNow and HiJiffy:

  • Initial Inquiry: Guests start their journey by interacting with HiJiffy’s conversational AI, asking questions about stay dates and rates, or special offers.
  • Customized Booking: As guests express their preferences, HiJiffy’s AI directs them to BookOnlineNow’s booking engine, where they can finalize their choices, from room selection to adding special requests.
  • Seamless Payment: Guests proceed to a secure payment portal, benefiting from BookOnlineNow’s flexible payment options, to complete their booking confidently.
  • Booking Confirmation: Finally, guests receive a confirmation of their reservation, ensuring they have all the details for their upcoming stay.

Integration Benefits for the guest:

  • In a seamless way, guests can request all the information regarding rooms and rates available through the chatbot.
  • By clicking on the chosen option, the guest is redirected to the booking engine’s page, allowing them to make the reservation in that moment without effort and directly on the hotel’s website.

Integration benefits for hoteliers:

  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: Capitalize on every visitor with our combined solutions, turning potential interest into confirmed bookings.
  • Boost profitability without straining operations, as the chatbot will handle most customer inquiries on the website.