Express Check-in for Hotels

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HiJiffy’s Hotel Virtual Concierge is available 24/7 from the pre-stay stage until the guests’ departure. Engage with your upcoming visitors before their arrival, provide online check-in and check-out services and offer in-stay upselling opportunities to personalise your guests’ trip.

Pre stay express check-in for hotels

How does HiJiffy's Virtual Concierge work?

Connect with guests express check-in for hotels

Connect with guest anytime, anywhere

Maximise your upselling opportunities

Maximise upselling express check-in for hotels
Automate check in out express check-in for hotels

Automate your check-in and check-out just at your guest’s fingertips

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Virtual Concierge Features

AI-powered concierge agent

An artificially intelligent virtual concierge assists guests with pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay requests.

Room upgrade messages

Suggest personalised room upgrade opportunities during the pre-arrival stage.

Digital check-in

Integrate your PMS to offer pre-check-in forms to your upcoming guests and minimise time spent at the reception.

Upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Send automated messages to communicate personalised upselling and cross-selling campaigns.

AI specialised in hospitality FAQs

Over 200 hospitality-specific FAQ topics available for hotels to train the chatbot, and the possibility of adding custom FAQs according to your needs.

Automated WhatsApp messages

Automate and trigger messages on your hotel’s WhatsApp channel throughout your guests’ journey, such as check-in/check-out campaigns, feedback campaigns, and more.

Custom team notifications

Set rules for notifying the right teams for specific requests.

Guest reviews and satisfaction surveys

Send guest satisfaction surveys during and at the end of the stay and obtain reviews for internal monitoring or external platforms like TripAdvisor or Google.

Customised campaigns for a target audience

Trigger campaigns for guests matching specific rate plans or profile (e.g. families, couples), subject to availability.

CSAT score metrics

Collect and access guests’ feedback to evaluate the performance of the chatbot and individual human agents.

Express Check-in in Hotels: FAQs

Whether traveling for leisure or business, guests simply do not want to wait around in reception on arrival. After a long journey, queueing to check in at a hotel quickly becomes tedious. All anyone wants to do is get through the process as soon as possible. For hoteliers, the check-in and check-out processes are time-consuming, and when several guests arrive at once, queues can easily build up. HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge system digitizes the experience, bringing express check-in in hotels, making the whole process a breeze, and boosting productivity. Customers are happier, and hotel staff is free to deal with other guest inquiries. HiJiffy solves the problems associated with hotel check-in, but it also offers a lot more.

The express check-in experience is just one part of the Virtual Concierge service. The benefits can begin as soon as the customer books their stay. The system can interact with the guest, allowing them to make room requests or restaurant and spa reservations. All hotels require specific information to be given at check-in. This data can be requested online in advance, reducing the time the guest needs to spend at reception. Guests can collate their information and submit it to the hotel at a time and place that suits them, not standing at a reception desk when they’re tired from a day of traveling.

There are many benefits of installing such a system with your establishment:

Time-saving for guests

When guests arrive at a hotel, perhaps after a long flight, all they want to do is get to their room and settle in. The guests may have an important meeting to attend or simply want to make the most of their valuable holiday time. No one wants to queue at a desk, waiting to check in. Due to transportation schedules, it is often the case that several guests will arrive at once. This causes a backlog at the check-in desk, which is frustrating for everyone involved and not a good start to any hotel visit. With a digital express check-in, most of the work has already been done, so time spent at reception is kept to a minimum. Plus, of course, all guests can complete the process simultaneously. 

Time and labor-saving for hotels 

Check-in and check-out processing makes up a considerable proportion of the work for reception staff in hotels. Allowing guests to provide their check-in information digitally reduces the workload of the reception staff. Queues are kept to a minimum, and stress levels fall. 

Reducing social contact

By offering express check-in in hotels, you reduce interaction levels between your staff and your guests. This is ideal when social distancing measures are in place. Both face-to-face and touchpoint contact is reduced. 

Opening up channels of communication

By utilizing such a system, you are opening up a communication route. Guests have a direct method of contacting reception without physically going there, so questions and queries can be efficiently dealt with. Likewise, hotels can easily keep customers informed of events and special offers available during their stay. You have the opportunity to upsell and also to keep customers informed. Should there be a pool closure or a change to the restaurant opening times, guests will be happier and feel less inconvenienced when they have this information sent to them in advance. 

Gathering valuable data

Your system for express check-in will gather data digitally that can be hugely beneficial to your business. It will help you determine demographics and aid with the targeting of your advertising. Additionally, you can request follow-up feedback from guests by using a system such as HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge. This allows you to see where you excel and discover areas that could be improved upon. This is also an excellent time to encourage customers to visit again by offering discounts for future bookings. All through your express check-in virtual concierge system.

The express check-in system must integrate with the hotel’s management system. It must be easy to use for hotel staff and customers and add value by saving time. There must be enough benefits to make it appealing to guests and engage them. It should gather relevant data efficiently and offer opportunities for two-way communication. It must be hugely beneficial and be an asset to any hotel business. HiJiffy’s Virtual Concierge meets all these criteria and exceeds expectations.

Not at all. What is excellent about the HiJiffy AI-powered solution is that it utilizes whichever communication channels the hotel and the guests prefer. While guests may be hesitant to download a specialized app just for a stay in a hotel, they will have no problems using communication platforms they are familiar with and already have installed, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Instagram. You’ll find that HiJiffy’s solution integrates seamlessly with the most popular digital channels making it easy to get your guests on board.

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