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Mélanie Pereira

Senior Marketing Executive France

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About Mélanie Pereira

Mélanie is a Senior Marketing Executive, currently leading the charge as the go-to expert for the French market in the realm of conversational AI. Her primary focus centres on creating compelling content that highlights the numerous benefits this technology offers to hoteliers, emphasizing the improvement it brings to guest communications.

Her career path is a testament to her unwavering passion for crafting engaging content. She initially ventured into the world of words as a journalist and later transitioned into roles as a copywriter and content manager within the French market.

Mélanie’s academic journey includes a dual degree from Sorbonne, Paris, where she delved into media and communications, and the literature of Portuguese-speaking countries. Her thirst for knowledge led her to acquire a Master’s degree in journalism at Universidade Nova in Lisbon.

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