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Digital Booking Assistant Features

AI agent for FAQs and direct bookings

AI virtual assistant guiding users through the booking process and providing answers to FAQs, saving time and reducing workload

Behavioural marketing campaigns

Push personalised messages according to specific pages on the website and interactions in the user journey.

Smooth handover to human agents

A seamless transfer of the conversation to staff if requested by the user or if the chatbot cannot resolve the query automatically.

Request a quote

Travellers can request a personalised quote for their stay.

Widget personalisation

Customise the chatbot interface accordingly to your hotel’s brand guidelines.

Email to chatbot automation

Automate your email inbox with canned responses directing users to the chatbot to resolve user queries instantly.

Click to call

Provide an option to call a human agent directly from the chat if a guest’s request cannot be solved automatically.

Price comparison

Activate the possibility to display the price comparison range of your rooms across various platforms.

Streamlined inbox for all your channels

Centralise and manage conversations across your channels: website chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google My Business, Line, Telegram, WeChat,, WhatsApp, SMS and email.

AI specialised in hospitality FAQs

Over 200 hospitality-specific FAQ topics available for hotels to train the chatbot, and the possibility of adding custom FAQs according to your needs.

CSAT score metrics

Collect and access users’ feedback to evaluate the performance of the chatbot and individual human agents.

Customised automated workflows

Customise workflows that are triggered throughout the booking process.

Contactless Hotels: FAQ

Contactless hotels are hotels that use technology to reduce the amount of contact the guest has both with the staff and with some physical aspects of the hotel, such as door locks. Contactless services are specifically created to enhance the guest experience and speed up some of the more time-consuming processes of staying in a hotel, such as checking in. Advanced computer systems control the services, which are teamed up with customer-owned devices such as a mobile phone app, and with other technology such as smart wrist bands or key cards. 

Contactless technologies can be used for a wide range of services in hotels, and no doubt this will continue to grow as contactless services become mainstream, but currently, the most popular types of contactless hotel services are:

Contactless check-in and check-out

Perhaps one of the most tedious aspects of a hotel stay is the lengthy check-in process. Guests may well be tired from the journey, and it is often the case that due to transportation schedules, many guests arrive at once. This puts pressure on staff and can create queues at the reception. By allowing your guests to check-in remotely, either by using a non-manned kiosk in the hotel, or via a mobile phone app, many guests can check in at the same time, the process is faster, and the demands on staff are reduced.

Keyless entry 

We are also seeing a rise in the popularity of keyless access. Wristbands with a chip embedded in them can be used to open a door, or activate an elevator. A band is far less likely to be lost, guests will not forget where they have put it, and it is more convenient as it is hands-free, for guests carrying bags or caring for small children. 

Remote booking of services and payment

Giving guests the opportunity to make bookings via your hotel app will no doubt boost sales of extra services such as spa treatments. Additionally, by adding in the functionality to charge purchases to the room by simply scanning a wristband, payments are made so simple, and this encourages further spending. 

Perhaps the biggest impact of implementing contactless services in a hotel is the time-saving benefit. All contactless processes reduce time spent interacting with guests, this keeps the guests happy, giving them more time to enjoy their stay, and it reduces the demands on staff. 

Additionally, it reduces contact between staff and guests. Perhaps an issue that would not have been a great priority in the past, but with the recent pandemic, it can be reassuring to know that contact can be kept to the bare minimum if required. 

Of course, contactless hotels also add to the guest experience, they can add convenience, but they can also add the wow factor. It is these extra touches that make hotels stand out from the crowd.

By allowing your guests to complete various services remotely, such as checking in or making dinner reservations, you can gain better control of your staffing levels. It can be difficult, particularly for reception staff, when there may be very few guests coming and going for hours, then suddenly there is a massive influx as a coach of guests arrives all at once. Contactless services can remove this pressure and keep staffing levels on an even keel. 

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