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The first Guest Communications Operating System

GPT-4 for hotels is now a reality. Be the first to use it!

The power of Aplysia OS – HiJiffy’s proprietary Guest Communications Operating System – and GPT-4 combined for unparalleled accuracy and automation:

  • Less manual work: Hotels will be able to set up answers to FAQs with quick inputs, covering all their properties’ information with some simple clicks or by importing data from external sources (website, digital documentation…).
  • Better answers: With the power of GPT-4, conversations will be more efficient as the answers get refined to specifically address the customers’ questions, thus avoiding showing big chunks of text based on pre-defined FAQs.

The technology will work directly on the hotel’s website, social media channels and messaging apps (incl. WhatsApp), covering the whole customer journey, from pre-booking to post-stay.

Type a Question to try it

Type a Question to try it

Remove friction aplysia + gpt-4

Better conversations, increased guest satisfaction

Generative AI is able to generate natural language responses that simulate human-like communication, making conversations more efficient and engaging.

Less manual work, faster setups for hoteliers

Dispensing the provision of specific and structured responses to instruct the chatbot on how to answer each FAQ specifically, it will be possible to automate the vast majority of the common guest questions and requests with a few clicks.

Boost productivity aplysia + gpt-4


The waitlist is open to all hoteliers excited about trying the future of Guest Communications. 

To be part of the Beta, an active HiJiffy account will be required. If you are not already a customer, sign up for the waitlist, and our team will help you get started with our platform.

Current HiJiffy clients will have priority access and don’t need to join the waitlist.

HiJiffy’s solution is already in production, and we are starting to gather feedback to refine the technology before making it widely available.
As with everything we build, we are taking a thoughtful approach to ensure it delivers a great experience to the hotels using HiJiffy.
We will gradually start onboarding current customers into the Beta version to gather additional feedback as we continue to develop.
We cannot guarantee a specific date for when you will get access, but we are going to keep you updated as we make progress.

The technology will be part of premium HiJiffy plans with specific pricing. We’ll provide detailed information about it soon.

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